About Me

I am originally from Seattle, but have lived 14 years in Europe: Berlin, Mainz, Paris, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Bratislava.

I speak English (native), German (fluent), French (conversational), a little Czech and Slovak and am learning Spanish. Chinese orbits around me but I only know a few words so far.

Since 1994 I have worked at leading e-commerce and Internet companies at all levels of product- and program management responsibility with emphasis on internationalization and localization.

I am a creative thinker with excellent analytical and organizational skills, especially between cross-functional teams (marketing/sales/technical) in different countries. A key strength is my ability to translate business goals and objectives into technical and non-technical (marketing, processes) solutions and results in international markets. I believe creating great customer-centric products and marketing is essential to success.

I work effectively between company business strategy and international and technical solutions and resources. For example, I can lead and contribute in the following areas:

* Take business requirements and turn them into (online) products and services.
* Create effective (international) components to online/E-commerce strategy, products and services.
* Manage international partners and vendors.
* Build team(s) and processes to construct and run the international services.
* Provide vision to lead the business and services forward internationally.

I am also very interested in the following subjects and am looking to have some involvement in them, if not 100% as my job, then on the side:

Music: Music is one of my greatest passions. I buy and download new music (of all genres) constantly. My TV is rarely on, except when playing music DVDs. I have a number of ideas for music-related projects, from hosting a weekly roundtable for ESL students to practice conversational English to an idea for organizing tours through Europe for US high school musicians to founding a company to distribute independent music. Even if my main job is not directly related to the music industry, my love for music plays a major part of my personal life.

Social Entrepreneurship: I believe in supporting social causes by making a business with a social purpose which in turn creates a self-sustaining entity with a social benefit. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammed Yunus calls this “Social Business.” Bill Gates recently called it “Creative Capitalism.” I would either like to work supporting social entrepreneurs or develop some of my ideas in this form.

Cultural exchange: I love learning about different cultures and want to facilitate the possibility for others to experience and learn about different people and places, too. I would like to plan and host travel groups focused on immersion/learning different places. In this context I would like to do some writing, too.

Other non-profit work: If not in a social entrepreneurship context, I want to work with non-profit projects/organizations on some level.